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The Mosquito King is one of the most eeeevilest creatures to inhabit the underworld.

Long ago, way before he was evil, the Mosquito King was a member of the Skull River Imperial Guard in charge of protecting the city. While on lookout duty one night, the King fell asleep at his post allowing a plague of ghost worms to sneak past and devour half the city. Once the mess had been cleaned up, he was banished to the Darklands and ordered never to return to Skull River. He vowed never to sleep a wink again, which in time drove him mad, transforming his mind into a bitter and twisted zombiefied monster. He swore brutal revenge on all citizens of the underworld.

By the time he had claimed the throne at Mosquito Mountain and grew his army of Evil Mutant Insectivore Drones, he had become a powerful dark creature. He had a thorny cranium crown surgically attached to his skull, a procedure that left him with thumping migraines, contributing to his prickly nature and short temper.

His goal is to take over the world and turn every living creature into his own personal zombie slave.

He also likes strawberry ice cream.

Luci Fer


This little devil is the youngest and smallest of the Bloodhound group … but don’t let that fool you. She is very brave and will do anything to protect her friends … at any cost.

For dessert, Luci enjoys eating fire and loves scaring grown-ups by devouring flames at barbeques. Once, Luci single handedly extinguished an out of control fire during Plastic Explosives class when Oscar the Ogre accidently ignited his hair. Oscar survived with a slightly singed but spikey new hair cut while Luci enjoyed a free lunch of fire. She was presented a Bravery Award during the next school assembly, but Luci really didn’t know what all the fuse was about.

While her parents were going through their messy divorce, Luci mastered the powers of mind control. Whenever she would sense an argument brewing between her parents, she would control their minds so they would walk away from each other and cool down. Unfortunately, this could not keep them together and soon Luci’s father moved out of their home. Luci’s friends were of great comfort during this period.

Luci would one day like to be a famous ballet dancer, although she knows her forked tail would make a perfect pirouette impossible.

Vince Vampire

THE Final Vince Blog

Vince is not your typical vampire boy. He’s afraid of the dark, loves garlic pizza and would prefer sleeping in a fluffy bed rather than in a stuffy old coffin. Although he has the power of transformation, Vince is yet to master this skill. He turns into a vampire bat whenever he sneezes, which can be very frustrating when an unwanted sneeze materializes, like when he’s riding a bike or performing at a school concert.

Vince hates having checkups at the dentist and is terrified of the drill.

A competent trumpet player, Vince plays in the school band. The trumpet was tough at first due to his fangs, but his teeth have now proved handy for tooting out unusual notes.

Vince is quite the mathematician and will recite his times tables when nervous.

Vince lives with his mother and would one day like to be a haematologist just like his father was … before his mysterious disappearance a few years ago.

BB Review from Bug in a Book

Bug in a Book

Andrew Cranna

The Bloodhound Boys

Walker Books

9781922179302ISBN: 9781922179302

RRP: $19.95

Age: 7+

Key Words: Monsters, Mystery

Published: 1st Oct 2013

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Under the Earth’s crust live the monsters. In a place called Skull River City something terrible has happened – the city’s entire supply of blood has been stolen from the blood bank. This could mean the end of everything unless it can be tracked down and returned. For Rocky and Vince it’s a little more immediate as their friend has an illness where she needs to have blood every couple of hours, without it she will die. The clock is ticking and  Rocky and Vince decided to investigate. This takes them into the most dangerous place they know – Mosquito Mountain and they will go up against the fearsome Mosquito King. There is more at stake than either of them realise.

This is a fun graphic novel…

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Rocky Werewolf

Rocky THE Final2

Rocky is a young werewolf living deep under the Earth’s crust in Skull River City. Rocky’s best friend is Vince and the two often find themselves getting into lots of monster mischief.

Rocky loves playing skullball, drinking bloodshakes and hanging out with his monster friends. Rocky prides himself on his sharp teeth. His all-time favorite subject at school is Biting 101, where he learns about all manner of chomping techniques. Although the other kids at school sometimes tease him about his large ears, they provide Rocky with incredible super hearing.

Rocky’s father is the head security guard at the Skull River Blood Bank which protects the supply of blood for the entire city and surrounding areas. While waiting for his father to finish work, Rocky often likes testing his skills against his father’s deadly bank security system.

Rocky’s most prized possession is a silver bullet which he keeps in his pocket. The bullet was given to him by his grandfather who is famous for dodging it back in the time when monsters liked to scare humans above ground. Rocky wishes to be as brave as his grandfather once was.