Rocky Werewolf

Rocky THE Final2

Rocky is a young werewolf living deep under the Earth’s crust in Skull River City. Rocky’s best friend is Vince and the two often find themselves getting into lots of monster mischief.

Rocky loves playing skullball, drinking bloodshakes and hanging out with his monster friends. Rocky prides himself on his sharp teeth. His all-time favorite subject at school is Biting 101, where he learns about all manner of chomping techniques. Although the other kids at school sometimes tease him about his large ears, they provide Rocky with incredible super hearing.

Rocky’s father is the head security guard at the Skull River Blood Bank which protects the supply of blood for the entire city and surrounding areas. While waiting for his father to finish work, Rocky often likes testing his skills against his father’s deadly bank security system.

Rocky’s most prized possession is a silver bullet which he keeps in his pocket. The bullet was given to him by his grandfather who is famous for dodging it back in the time when monsters liked to scare humans above ground. Rocky wishes to be as brave as his grandfather once was.

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