Vince Vampire

THE Final Vince Blog

Vince is not your typical vampire boy. He’s afraid of the dark, loves garlic pizza and would prefer sleeping in a fluffy bed rather than in a stuffy old coffin. Although he has the power of transformation, Vince is yet to master this skill. He turns into a vampire bat whenever he sneezes, which can be very frustrating when an unwanted sneeze materializes, like when he’s riding a bike or performing at a school concert.

Vince hates having checkups at the dentist and is terrified of the drill.

A competent trumpet player, Vince plays in the school band. The trumpet was tough at first due to his fangs, but his teeth have now proved handy for tooting out unusual notes.

Vince is quite the mathematician and will recite his times tables when nervous.

Vince lives with his mother and would one day like to be a haematologist just like his father was … before his mysterious disappearance a few years ago.

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