Luci Fer


This little devil is the youngest and smallest of the Bloodhound group … but don’t let that fool you. She is very brave and will do anything to protect her friends … at any cost.

For dessert, Luci enjoys eating fire and loves scaring grown-ups by devouring flames at barbeques. Once, Luci single handedly extinguished an out of control fire during Plastic Explosives class when Oscar the Ogre accidently ignited his hair. Oscar survived with a slightly singed but spikey new hair cut while Luci enjoyed a free lunch of fire. She was presented a Bravery Award during the next school assembly, but Luci really didn’t know what all the fuse was about.

While her parents were going through their messy divorce, Luci mastered the powers of mind control. Whenever she would sense an argument brewing between her parents, she would control their minds so they would walk away from each other and cool down. Unfortunately, this could not keep them together and soon Luci’s father moved out of their home. Luci’s friends were of great comfort during this period.

Luci would one day like to be a famous ballet dancer, although she knows her forked tail would make a perfect pirouette impossible.

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