The Mosquito King

Mosquito King Blog

The Mosquito King is one of the most eeeevilest creatures to inhabit the underworld.

Long ago, way before he was evil, the Mosquito King was a member of the Skull River Imperial Guard in charge of protecting the city. While on lookout duty one night, the King fell asleep at his post allowing a plague of ghost worms to sneak past and devour half the city. Once the mess had been cleaned up, he was banished to the Darklands and ordered never to return to Skull River. He vowed never to sleep a wink again, which in time drove him mad, transforming his mind into a bitter and twisted zombiefied monster. He swore brutal revenge on all citizens of the underworld.

By the time he had claimed the throne at Mosquito Mountain and grew his army of Evil Mutant Insectivore Drones, he had become a powerful dark creature. He had a thorny cranium crown surgically attached to his skull, a procedure that left him with thumping migraines, contributing to his prickly nature and short temper.

His goal is to take over the world and turn every living creature into his own personal zombie slave.

He also likes strawberry ice cream.

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