The Bloodhound Boys

Deep under the Earth’s crust a terrible crime has been committed – Skull River City’s supply of blood has been stolen from the blood bank. Rocky and Vince decide to investigate.

But who’s behind the crime? The undead world has many dangerous enemies and the boys must find the courage to face them.

The Bloodhound Boys is a scary graphic novel from the undead world of monsters, blood and gore and a bit with a dinosaur. Read it if you dare!

2 thoughts on “The Bloodhound Boys

  1. HI
    I have been asked by a student if there are or will be any more Bloodhound Boys.
    Nicole Le Mesurier
    Nailsworth Primary

    • Dear Nicole,
      Thanks for the message and please say hello to everyone at Nailsworth Primary for me!
      Can you please let your student know that I’m currently writing a picture book and I plan to return to the Bloodhound Boys after this. I’m thinking a good title for the next BB book could be “The Bloodhound Boys and the Flesh Creature Human Thingy” where Rocky and Vince are first introduced to the world above ground when they stumble upon a human baby.
      Regards, Andrew

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